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Jurjen Knoester

Director & Trainer

Jurjen is the founder of Steady Teams and one of the main facilitators. He has worked with teams al over the world for the past 15 years. As an expert facilitator Jurjen brings deep knowledge to the table on a variety of topics, ranging from communication styles and team dynamics, to personal leadership. His sensitive facilitation style and progress focus help teams and individuals to open up and connect with each other.

Lars Esselink


Steady Teams is powered by Lars since 2016, when he joined as Office Manager, making sure that the company runs like a tight ship. As a trainer Lars excels in personal one-on-one solution focused coaching. For organizational teams Lars is a strong partner because of his knack for making complex matters simple, understandable and workable for all participants.

Featured partner

GAIA Insights | Martina Mangelsdorf

We would like to introduce our long term partner Martina Mangelsdorf and her organization GAIA Insights. We have been working together since 2014. GAIA Insights is a global organization with a superb focus on engaging, developing and retaining high potential talent. Jurjen is a key facilitator for their flagship program ASPIRE.

Our Courses

Let’s build a stronger you!

Building for sustainable growth


A team is always a mix of people with there own unique strengths and ability’s.

Steady Teams provides multiple high impact development programs and uses experiential learning to stimulate teams into a growth mindset, which will make your team stronger and more sustainable for the future.



ASPIRE is a high-touch leadership development program, specifically designed for and catering to the next generation of leaders in the corporate world.

With ASPIRE, GAIA Insights has created a highly customized leadership development program with curated content, composed for a personalized learner experience. Steady Teams is one of the key partners and has been involved in the development of this program from the start.

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