Authentic, inclusive and courageous

Leadership Development

In a world that is constantly changing, being the leader of a team is one of the most diverse and demanding jobs around. It’s also one where you will impact people’s lives far more than you might realise. Leaders have to be lifelong learners, for themselves, their organisations and most of all for the teams they lead. We support leaders through coaching, sparring and leadership development.

Remote Leadership

What is different now that I'm leading my teams remotely. This question is coming up time and time again as leaders are starting to re-discover their role in leading their teams. We combine the newest insights from multiple sources, giving you the advantage in this new virtual world of teams.

People, people, people

Even though a lot has changed in the past year. The core of good leadership has not changed. It is still about people, people, people! We can help you discover yourself as a leader, achieving results with, through and for your people.

“I am pushed out of my comfort zone in a very comfortable way.”

I wanted clarity about where to go with my career. Lars is honest, straight and clear in helping me answer that question.

He has an analytical mindset and has a really good mix of asking provocative questions and listening.

He helps me focus on the important things. Lars is always ‘sitting on my shoulder’.”

– Thorsten –
Team leader at an international pharmaceutical company

Balanced, healthy and high performing

Leadership Teams

We look to our leadership teams for guidance, humanity and decision power in hectic times. And over the past ten years, there has been no lack of challenges.
Most leadership teams focus however so exclusively on the work, that they tend to forget themselves. And that is where we can help.


Your ability to connect has never been more important, and it has never been under more strained than now. Leaders lead people and put processes in place for healthy team dynamics. We can help you find your way, as a leadership team, to stay cohesive and agile while you lead your organisation towards the future.


It takes energy to hold space for people, to make the right decisions, and to carry the organisation's forward. We help leadership teams to overhaul their mental fitness, so they can really show up every day. Both at work as well as at home.


A leader's ability to leverage the tools available, to drive connection and performance is key.
What tools and processes do you have at your disposal to check in with your team? How well have you mastered them? What steps can you take, so that your people and your organisation will benefit.

Individual Leaders

We offer individual coaching, to help you find your feet and your way forward. Few people go to school to become leaders, most of us grow into the role. And many of us hit obstacles that we need to navigate. Coaching helps in these moments where you are figuring out how to lead yourself, your people and your organisation.

Leadership Teams

We help leadership teams to do the work  that is needed to do show up as a cohesive well developed leadership team who can help their people and organisation to thrive.  We lean into Patrick Lencioni’s work on the Five Behaviors. And as an Authorized Partner we blend this proven concept with our own unique methodology. It’s easy to grasp and can unleash enormous potential within people.

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