5 area's of


By working on these five key area’s over a longer period of time,
you will  increase your personal balance and mental resilience.

Personal Balance

What are my values and how can I live into them? What are the roles we play in life and how do we play them?
How do I balance the mixture between myself, my social life and myself? These and more, are personal leadership questions.

Self Awareness

Can we recognize the signals from our own body and mind? Do we see when we're overwhelmed, annoyed or simply tired? Self awareness is where so much of our personal balance starts. And there are many ways we can improve it.

Self Management

Self management is the part where we take action. Regulating our thoughts, taking control of what we eat and how much we exercise. Becoming deliberate about creating time-off, or how much time we spend zoning out on social media. This is where most of our time, energy, email and stress management tools are.

Crunch Time

We all have those ``show-time!`` moments. Where we have to be fully present for an extended period of time. That big series of meetings, taking care of all the visiting family, finishing that project, etc. For those periods of time, you need to be able to shift gears. The key thing here is, to know when to go back to ``normal-mode``.

Coping with Change

And then there are things that completely upend your life for an extended period of time. Like switching jobs, moving to another country, having children, loosing a partner, social unrest, war, or a pandemic.
Invasive, sometimes unchosen changes where you have to find your way again under new circumstances.
“If I would not have followed this journey,
I'd probably ended up with a burn-out within six months”
Alessia Lombardi

The Only Constant


As the world faces change after change. Many organisations struggle to adapt. And it is in those moments of turmoil, that people and teams are most often left to fend for themselves. We must invest in them to help them build up their skills and habits to thrive in this ever changing world. Because this ability to deal with, and overcome rapid change and setbacks, is rarely taught.

However, in today’s world we must also be aware if what our people are facing is a temporary thing or change. Or is it a systemic and continuous state of overwhelm? Because these two different things require different approaches. 

Three Mental Worlds


Throughout the days of our lives, we strive to maintain balance in three different “worlds” or versions of our lives. We have our work life, our social life and our inner personal life. And there are many overlaps between them.


Our work or productive life.


Our family and social life.


Our internal, personal life.


Most people can handle a crisis in one of these area’s with ease. As long as the other two are somewhat stable. In the current days, we see that for many people around the world, two or even three of these area’s are under pressure. And that is tough for us humans as coping with this, for a longer period of time is detrimental for our mental health.

Helping Each Other

Hearing each others stories, problems and solutions has helped many people forward. There is much to learn from each other in this respect.

We help you to explore your own mental worlds. To figure out what is going on in each of those area’s. And what you can do improve your mental resilience.

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