High performing teams create space away from the day to day rush.
Moments where they can re-group and re-align, those are the experiences we create.

We are experts in learning by doing, using team activities to facilitate connection, discussion and learning.
We’ll blend our unique mixture of live activities, virtual workshops, individual sessions and group work.
But also active learning, reflection, graphic facilitation, and engaging team challenges.
To create amazing custom built team development programs.


We help people to connect. As from really knowing and seeing each other for all that we are, is the foundation of trust and psychological safety within teams.


Our programs often run for a months as building relationships and trust takes time. Over that period we help the team to discover and make new steps together.


What do we need as a team? We'll carefully design an effective program that is woven into the team's daily operations.

Our Approach


Whenever we can, we’ll blend live elements, like our famous outdoor cooking or various team challenges,
into an amazing development journey. We can accomplish more during virtual workshops than ever before.
People can, in their own pace, work on the same development path, and we are “always around” to support.
Allowing your team members to develop a healthy and psychologically safe virtual environment together.

SteadyTeams and


The Five Behaviors® allow our clients and participants to tap into the amazing online assessments that Wiley Workplace Learning
Solutions have developed with Patrick Lencioni, the best selling author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

These assessments are some of the most impactful and effective tools we’ve ever encountered and work as well virtually as they do live.

We have integrated Patrick Lencioni’s work and Wiley’s industry-leading workplace assessments with our own blended facilitation style. We are an independent Five Behaviors Authorized Partner. For us, this model is a backbone mechanic in our work with teams and organisations. It’s easy to grasp and can unleash enormous potential within people.


The Five Behaviors® is the result of the partnership between Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions and best-selling author Patrick Lencioni. The inspiration for these solutions came from Lencioni’s New York Times best-seller, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. With over 3.2 million copies sold since its 2002 release, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team continues to serve as a cornerstone for teamwork and organizational development.

Remote Teamwork

As a result of the world’s unexpected and sudden transition to working remotely, organizations everywhere are feeling the challenges that come with trying to support a cross-functional, virtual workforce. Keeping up with today’s demands means adapting quickly and frequently.

The Five Behaviors for Virtual Teams can help your organization strengthen teamwork skills—from anywhere—to maintain cohesion and success.

Great LEADERS always focus
on the development of their TEAMS.

Psychological Safety


I wanted to take the time to give some special appreciation for Jurjen, the course facilitator.
Who was able to work with the group in a very nuanced and subtle way which seems to be easy but is very difficult to do.
He was able to balance this, be very nuanced and show us the several layers in exercises. This is hard to do and
informally I heard a lot of appreciation for his approach and way of working from the group.
(Jurjen facilitated this course on behalf or a partner organisation)
Dutch Foreign Affairs Employee

Are You


Our team dynamic programs are not something to take lightly.
Truly building your team takes trust, time and effort . And you can sabotage your team if you are not ready to go for it.
Before diving into a process like this, consider these 4 simple questions.


Are we willing to do the work?
Is this the right time to do the work?
Are we ready to be vulnerable with each other?
Is our leader really committed to building a team?

Although each team is unique, many struggle with the same issues. Send us a message or give us a call. We’ll brainstorm with you to see what your options are. At the very least you’ll walk away with a clearer picture of what to do with your team.

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